Welcome to the Contemporary Quilt Art Association’s “Opportunities” site.  This site provides a means for CQA members to share information about upcoming exhibition opportunities.  Guests are welcome (here and in person).   If you’re visiting the Seattle area, we hope that you will join us at one of our meetings.

The Contemporary QuiltArt Association, a 50l (c)(3) non-profit arts organization run entirely by volunteers, is a Washington state group formed in the fall of 1986. We are a diverse group of artists, teachers, writers, and collectors living throughout Washington, and we view quilts as an exciting, emerging medium of expression and a viable contemporary art form.

To find out more about our organization, please visit our website or our official blog.

“Voices,” 11th Annual Quilt Alliance Contest

Asheville, NC:   N/A

As part of our mission, the Quilt Alliance records the stories of quilts and quiltmakers through our oral history projects. We value the human voice as well as your voice expressed in cloth and thread. We encourage everyone who makes quilts to enter our annual contest regardless of their style (traditional, modern, art) or technique (longarm, hand quilting, applique, pieced…) –all are welcomed and valued!

We invite entrants to share their opinions, polemics, memories, language, conversation and truths in the form of a quilt. Help us document the state of quilting in 2017—let your voice be heard.

Deadline: June 2, 2017

See Website for details.

“The Nth Degree,” Foundry Arts Center

St. Charles, MO:   APRIL 28 – JUNE 9, 2017

Numbers are used to quantify, rank, prioritize, calculate, and measure. Depending on their context, numbers can be holy, encouraging, devastating, superficial, or so commonplace they are barely noticed. Many works that feature repetition or are part of a series inherently reference numbers. Open to all media, The Nth Degree is a juried exhibition that encourages artists to submit work that uses numbers or mathematics. These influences can be conveyed boldly, subtly, contextually, literally, or simply as inspiration.

Deadline: March 6, 2017

See Website for details.

“Global Murmurs,” ExPERIENCEFiBERArT, Inc

Rochester, NY:   October 1 – 31, 2017

Global Murmurs invites you to explore the subtle and ever present concerns, joys, and curiosities of humankind so often influenced by cultural and national boundaries. It is an expression of the hopes, dreams and despairs of our global community – perhaps a pathway to better understanding. It is a chance to share your thoughts with the world!

All entries must be made electronically, with a fee of $35 (US dollars) for up to two entries. Artwork must be original and predominately made of fiber, such as woven, felted and quilted pieces. Fiber art derived from kits, classes or commercial patterns is not eligible.

Deadline: June 1, 2017

See Website for details.

“Tactile Architecture,” IQF

Houston,TX:   June 30, 2017-December, 2017 or September 2018 (traveling)

Buildings have always fascinated and inspired quiltmakers. In the 19th century, American quilters developed such classic architectural patterns as Log Cabin, Schoolhouse, and Brick Wall. This annual juried exhibit challenges quilt makers to create works based on architectural themes and inspirations.

This exhibit will premiere at International Quilt Market and Festival, November 2 – 5, 2017. We would also like to retain quilts for possible exhibit at our spring edition of Festival.

Deadline: May 11, 2017

See Website for details.

“In the American Tradition,” IQF

Houston,TX:   May 19, 2017-December, 2017 or September 2018 (traveling)

Contemporary quiltmakers often look to the art form’s rich tradition for inspiration in their own works. This exhibit features recently-made quilts that harken back to that time with traditional blocks, styles, and techniques as their design source. This exhibit will premiere at International Quilt Market and Festival, November 2-5, 2017. We would also like to retain quilts for possible exhibit at International Quilt Festivals in 2018.

You are invited to submit work for consideration for the 2017 edition of In the American Tradition. We are looking for both contemporary interpretations and traditional quilts, either by hand or machine, appliquéd, pieced, or whole cloth.

Deadline: March 16, 2017

See Website for details.

“Threads of Resistance,” The Artist Circle

Location and Dates TBD

The Artist Circle presents “Threads of Resistance,” a juried exhibition of work created to protest the Trump administration’s actions and policies.

We invite you to consider the theme “Threads of Resistance,” and create work – fiber art, art quilts, modern quilts or traditional quilts – to convey your passion, anger, or sadness about an issue that concerns you. Your work can be either positive (encouraging and unifying), or negative (portraying anger, sadness or discouragement).

Deadline: May 1, 2017

See Website for details.