Phinney Neighborhood Association Call for Artists

Seattle, WA:  March 7 – April 6, 2018

Artists in the Pacific Northwest working in 2D media are invited to apply for the Phinney Neighborhood Association’s (PNA) 2018 Northwest Fine Arts Competition. Our jurors this year are Aaliyah Gupta, Zanetka Gawronski, and John Smither. Jurors will select art to be displayed in the Phinney Center Gallery from March 7 to April 6 with an opening reception on March 9. We anticipate showing work from 20-30 artists. The artist selected as Jurors’ Choice will have all of their submitted works displayed in the show, their work featured on show promotional materials, and a feature article in The Review, the PNA’s quarterly community newspaper.

Deadline: January 28, 2018

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Pittsburgh, PA:  May 10 to August 23, 2019

Fiberart International is produced by FIBERARTS GUILD OF PITTSBURGH, INC., a non-profit, member supported organization that promotes the appreciation of fiber art and fosters its creative development and continuance. Since 1967, the Fiberarts Guild has sponsored juried exhibitions that bring innovative contemporary works of art in fiber from around the world to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Fiberarts Guild is pleased to sponsor this twenty-third exhibition, located at Pittsburgh Center . Fiberart International 2019 seeks to exhibit the best of contemporary art and invites submissions that reflect a wide range of works related to the fiber medium. The exhibition is recognized around the world as a benchmark that documents trends and innovations in the field. The goal of the exhibition is to include innovative work rooted in traditional fiber materials, structure, processes and history, as well as art that explores unexpected relationships between fiber and other creative disciplines.

Deadline: August 31, 2018   NOTE: Incorrect Deadline of October 31, 2018 supplied previously

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“It’s All Relative,” Experience Fiber Art

Rochester, NY:  October 6-26, 2018

Amongst the chaos of world pressures, climatic changes and societal concerns there comes a time to pause and reflect on what is most relevant to the more intimate relationships that effect us. In the greater scheme of global events come small precious, sometimes precautionary, perhaps prescient moments that provide meaning and joy to life. The partitions provoked by emphasizing differences both real and imagined can be overcome. For every point there is a counterpoint. In a storm there is bravery. Amidst anger we find love. Sure of our differences we discover commonality. Be it family, science, mathematics, politics, faith, sunrises, sunsets we challenge artists to reflect upon and share what is most relative to their personal universe.

Deadline: June 1, 2018

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“The Art of Labor,” SDA International Members Exhibition

San Jose, CA:  July 22, 2018 – October 14, 2018

Using the word “Labor” as a point of departure, jurors Carole Frances Lung (Frau Fiber) and Amy DiPlacido will seek fiber, fiber-based, or textile-inspired work by artists exploring the many possible definitions of the term and its relationship to art. Since the Industrial Revolution, a key identifying characteristic of any community is the work of its people, their leisure activities, and subsequent roles in society. While some people’s work appears to be easy, others are engaged in more difficult tasks. Labor, in its multifaceted definition, can refer to everything from exertion and production, to organized workers and political parties, to the experience of giving birth. The act of labor may be both physical and mental, an effort which is difficult and sometimes compulsory. From “slow fiber” to DIY processes, fiber art is steeped in the traditions of material appreciation and labor, of the time involved in making art, and of the effort required in innovative manipulation or techniques. Associated with this process is the value and worth of skill, production, and time.

Deadline: April 6, 2018

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“Shifting Tides: Convergence in Cloth,” SAQA Pacific

San Jose, CA:   April 19 – May 5, 2019, then travels

Shifting Tides: Convergence in Cloth will focus on the current state of the Pacific Ocean ecosystem, its marvelous natural diversity, and the human activities that both sustain and threaten oceanic life. Whether one lives on the ocean or in the interior, the Pacific touches many lives and economies. As residents of this greater North Pacific region, artists are encouraged to share personal narratives and statements about what exists, current threats, and needed actions. The exhibit seeks to include a representative range of North Pacific mainland and island habitats and issues. The selected works may focus solely on one area of flora, fauna, geology, oceanography and human activity, or may combine them. Subject matter may be inspired by sources as personal as vacations or fact-based as current scientific research. Works will be wall art (2D) of any style from realism to the abstract. Through the variety of artistic styles and viewpoints, Shifting Tides: Convergence in Cloth will delight and challenge viewers to assess their own per- ceptions regarding the interplay of oceanic and human communities.

Deadline: November 30, 2018

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