Confluence Gallery, Twisp / Reflections on Water / Call for Artists

Twisp, WA:  August 18 – September 22, 2018

This exhibit is about the essential nature of clean, fresh water in streams, rivers, lakes or in a glass. Oceans of water. The power of water in its many forms. The play of light and shadow, reflected surroundings, swirling, rippling or still – such wonderful colors and textures. Many Americans have taken safe water for granted. Laws that protect water, lakes, streams and the ocean are weakening in favor of corporate exploitation sold as jobs – what good is a job if there is not clean water for all? Water means life and water is sacred – what can be more important to the well being of all life. Use your creative power in gratitude of water and celebrate its life giving force, its beauty, its power and if it feels right to you – the politics of water.

Deadline:  June 18, 2018

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Call for Art: Shoreline Arts Festival Juried Art Show

Shoreline, WA:  June 23-24, 2018

The Shoreline Arts Festival Juried Art Show is presented by the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council as part of the Shoreline Arts Festival, now in its 28th year. The Juried Art Show features original works of art by local artists and includes 2D works (photographs, paintings, drawings, prints, collage) and 3D works (sculpture, glass, wood, clay). Each year over 100 individual artists register for the show and we exhibit hundreds of unique works of art during the two day festival.

Deadline:  June 17, 2018

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MUSICA! (SAQA GLOBAL – ALL MEMBERS) • National Quilt Museum

Paducah, KY:  March-July 2020; traveling through December 31 2022.  Exact Dates TBD.

Classic Greek Philosopher Plato said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” The boundaries between music and art blur, as one becomes inspiration for the other. Both music and art can elicit emotion, create mood, evoke images, suggest movement, as well as reflect light, depth, and color. Over time many artistic practices and processes have been shaped by sound and visual expression. Pablo Picasso said, “To draw, you must close your eyes and sing.”

Artists are encouraged to explore the ways in which music can serve as inspiration for the creative process. Artwork may be two or three dimensional, viewed from one side, two sides, or any angle.

Deadline:  May 31, 2019

See Website for details.

UPCYCLE! (SAQA GLOBAL – ALL MEMBERS) • Quilt Festival Houston

Houston, TX:  October 2019 and traveling.  Exact dates TBD.

Repurposing used materials is one of the most effective solutions there is to deal with today’s environmentally devastating waste issues. Fiber art also has a rich tradition of incorporating elements that would otherwise be discarded by turning them into compelling compositions.

Challenge yourself to make a work that either incorporates recycled materials, be it cloth or non-fiber items, or that represents such a process visually. Only wall-hung, two dimensional, representational or abstract work will be considered for the exhibit.

Deadline:  March 31, 2019

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Healdsburg, CA:  July 21 – September 3, 2018

Healdsburg Center for the Arts invites artists nationwide to join us for this fiber exhibition. Intertwined [ fiber from one extreme to the other ] honors all forms of fiber art expressions, from the humble woven basket to the abstract sculpture and from the traditional tapestry to the conceptual works with a social statement. All materials- paper, wool, cotton, metal, wood, plastic etc. are acceptable as long as there is a reference to fiber and its intertwined structure. Fiber works have many modes and techniques- weaving, papermaking, felting, dyeing, surface design, sewing, quilting and more. All are acceptable as long as the work is unique and awe-inspiring.

Deadline:  June 10, 2018

See Website for details.

Excellence in Fibers IV (Exhibition in print sponsored by the Fiber Art Network)

Winter 2019 Fiber Art Now Magazine

Excellence in Fibers is organized into five categories. The function emphasis of the five categories puts the focus on the makers’ intentions and can incorporate the vast range of fiber mediums.
• Wall/Floor Works
Two-dimensional works, including quilts, tapestries, weavings, carpets, or works in any other fiber-related medium or technique that are intended for wall or floor display.
• Sculptural Works
Three-dimensional works in fiber.
• Vessel Forms/Basketry
Functional work and sculptural expressions of the vessel form.
• Installation Works
Three-dimensional work created as an environment.
• Wearables
Body adornments, including wearable art clothing, accessories and jewelry.

Deadline:  September 2, 2018

See Website for details.

Border Wall Quilt Project

Exhibition Places and Times TBD

The Border Wall Quilt Project is a visual representation of a discussion about the proposed border wall between Mexico and the United States. Let’s use our medium and our skills to explore all aspects of this issue and what it would mean to those on both sides. Together, let’s consider political, environmental, cultural, and economic factors. Quilters in the United States and Mexico are invited to participate.

To be a part of the Border Wall Quilt Project, create and donate up to 3 small quilted pieces, 8” x 16” ( 20 × 40 cm) expressing your views, concerns, and feelings about the proposed border wall between the US and Mexico and issues related to immigration. Under the direction of fiber artist Lea McComas, these small quilts will be used as “bricks” to build a wall about the wall. The quilt bricks will be used to create 10-foot sections of wall. Sections of wall will be placed back to back so that the installation can be viewed from both sides. In place of mortar, bricks will be suspended to create gaps that allow viewers on each side to see and hear each other. The wall will continue grow as more, and more, bricks are donated.

Deadline:  July 31, 2018

See Website for details.

Family Matters: 2018 SDA Annual International Exhibition In Print

Winter 2018 Surface Design Journal

Each year, the SDA International Exhibition In Print showcases the breadth and depth of contemporary artists and designers working with or inspired by fiber art and/or textile-based materials, methods, and techniques. The work of selected artists are featured in the winter 2018 issue of the Surface Design Journal. The Surface Design Journal is read by artists, gallery owners, curators, scholars, and enthusiasts nationally and internationally.

This year’s theme, Family Matters, invites artists to submit work that engages the idea of ‘family’. How does the notion of family emerge in an artist’s work? For many of us, family is not just who we are born connected to by relation, but who we choose to build a connection with as a ‘family’ of our own design. Materially or conceptually, it may arise in the form of inherited objects or rituals, by incorporating a family heirloom or depicting the occasion of a family event or typical evening dinner. It can also be technique-based, incorporating skills that have been passed down through generations. Explorations of domesticity and the construct of ‘home’ also suggest Family Matters.

Deadline:  August 24, 2018

See Website for details.