Downtown Seattle Association, Seattle / Exhibition Opportunity

Seattle, WA:    Ongoing

Description:High traffic office building in downtown Seattle is looking for artwork to install as a temporary exhibit. A stipend of $500 is available for letting us display your art for a three-month period. The stipend is intended as a rental fee and not to commission or purchase art. All art work must be complete and ready to hang with wiring on the back. Artist must deliver, install, de-install and pick up art on an agreed upon schedule.

Artwork must fill display wall of 60 in. high x 132 in. wide over a 24 in. deep counter space. We have a hanging rail system that uses cables with hooks, so all pieces must be ready to hang with wire backing. Artwork must be relevant to downtown Seattle. Artist is welcome to display information including sales prices. Artist will handle all sales and keep all profits from their sales.

Deadline:  April 15, 2019

See Website for details.

“Exploring the Twisted Nature of All Things”

Las Vegas, NV:    April 18-July 15, 2019

The topic of this exhibit is to explore all media that fit into the fiber category and concepts that aren’t “traditional” and/or “mind-numbingly mainstream.” The word “twisted” could be a descriptive word for some of the ways fiber mediums can be used to create art, but on a conceptual level, it could be about things not considered in mainstream art or social ideas considered wrong, or situations that aren’t considered “normal”.

Special consideration will be given to two-dimensional wall pieces that have a sense of depth and/or have a strong reference to objective form. If submitting three-dimensional sculpture, particular attention to the negative spaces that are created by the sculptural object and how it exists in space will be given special consideration.

Deadline:  March 25, 2019

See Website for details.

“Beyond the Mirror,” SAQA Global

Houston, TX:    October 2020 – December 2023

What do you see when you look in the mirror? In this digital age, we cannot escape our own images, whether taken as a selfie or found on social media. Does our image reflect our individual identity or do we see what we are conditioned by society to see? We need to look beyond the mirror to see our strength of character, intelligence, creativity, skills and our potential to be even more than what can be reflected.

Deadline:  February 29, 2020

See Website for details.

Ebb & Flow,” SAQA Global

Houston, TX:    November 2020 – December 2023, exact dates TBD

Tides are not the only things to Ebb and Flow: Many things in life and history demonstrate a recurring pattern of cycles and change, of growth and decline. From movements in history to the phases of our lives, the seasons, the position of the stars and planets, conversations, even the progression of a piece of music or literature, artists are invited to explore Ebb and Flow in a two-dimensional artwork.

Deadline:  January 31, 2020

See Website for details.

“The Artist as Quiltmaker,” FAVA

Oberlin, OH:    May 16 – July 26, 2020

The Artist as Quiltmaker is the second-longest-running art quilt exhibition in the world. FAVA deliberately chooses not to define ‘quilt,’ thereby encouraging both established and emerging artists to submit innovative artwork, pushing boundaries and challenging expectations, whether they use traditional or non-traditional techniques or materials.  

Deadline:  December 1, 2019

See Website for details.

“THE 15TH QUILT NIHON EXHIBITION,” Japan Handicraft Instructors Association

Tokyo, Japan and traveling:    October 2019 – ?;  Exact dates TBD

The call for entry for the 15th Quilt Nihon Exhibition will be open from July 1 – 26, 2019.

The biennial touring quilt expo, organized by the Japan Handicraft Instructors’ Association, will open in Japan in 2020 and then travel to locations around the world.

Deadline:  July 26, 2019

See Website for details.

“Beyond the Surface,” SDA Annual International Juried Member Exhibition

St Louis, MO:    9/20/19 – 10/23/19

EXHIBITION: Members of the Surface Design Association (SDA) are invited to submit work for Beyond the Surface: Surface Design Association Annual International Juried Members Exhibition, held in partnership with the St Louis Artists’ Guild, St Louis, MO from September 20, 2019 through October 23, 2019. The exhibition will be on view during Innovations in Textiles 2019 and the SDA Biennial Conference, Beyond the Surface. Jurors are Jo Stealey and Jim Arendt. The exhibition includes awards. Entries may be submitted online January 31–June 7, 2019 via CaFE.

GOAL: Creatives continually push the evolution of textiles from their long history of utilitarian use through the use of color, design, processes, and meanings. Works chosen for Beyond the Surface will demonstrate unique, well-developed artistic vision, and innovation. Whether commentary on social issues, meditations on the natural world, humor, storytelling, abstraction, influenced by science, or other areas of focus, this exhibition will include the best of contemporary work by SDA members.

Deadline:  June 7, 2019

See Website for details.

Soft Borders: 2019 SDA International Exhibition In Print

Publication:  Surface Design Journal, Fall 2019

EXHIBITION: Each year, the Surface Design Association (SDA) International Exhibition In Print showcases the breadth and depth of contemporary artists and designers working with or inspired by fiber art and/or textile-based materials, methods, and techniques. The work of selected artists are featured in the Fall 2019 issue of the Surface Design Journal. The Surface Design Journal is read by artists, gallery owners, curators, scholars, and enthusiasts nationally and internationally. Entries may be submitted online Feb 1, 2019 through May 31, 2019 via CaFÉ.

GOAL: Borders are often thought of as unyielding divides between ideas, cultures, beliefs, actions, and interests. They can also be the elastic edge between disciplines (ex. art and science), methods of making (ex. 3-D printing and handmade), or physical characteristics (ex. frayed or neat edges). These are the dynamic areas where opposites meet and innovation is born. Borders can carry political weight, for example the “soft” borders between European Union countries, the historic iron curtain, or the United States/Mexico border. What are your visualizations and material reflections of borders?

Artists are encouraged to submit work of any size or format that demonstrates the use of fibers or textile-based media, including nontraditional materials and techniques. Surface Design Journal welcomes work that embraces traditional 2D and 3D forms, while also seeking work that challenges and expands the contemporary definitions of textile/fiber-based art and design such as: digital (design/animation), time-based (video/performance), conceptual, installation, land, book, sculptural, basketry, textile, wearables, fashion, interior design, product design, and craft-as-social-practice.

Deadline:  May 31, 2019

See Website for details.

“Landscape Quilts,” IQF, Houston

Houston, TX:    June 13, 2019 to January 2020, or September 2020, if traveling

From valleys and volcanoes, and mountains to monuments, landscapes often inspire artists, including many in the quilt world. We invite you to submit your recently made landscape quilts to be featured in this exhibit, debuting at Quilt Festival in November 2019. Quilts may be made using any technique. We would also like to retain quilts for a possible exhibit at International Quilt Festivals in 2020.

Deadline:  April 18, 2019

See Website for details.

“Quilted Comics & Sci-Fi,” IQF and Comicpalooza

Houston, TX:    April 12, 2019 through August 2020

Theme: Entries are quilts that speak to the theme of Quilted Comics. Did you grow up watching Batman, Superman, Star Trek, or Star Wars? Love the current Avenger and Star Wars movies? Are you playing your children’s video games when they are at school? Now’s your chance to create a quilt that portrays your love of super heroes, villains, fantasy, comic book, or anime characters to be on display at both the International Quilt Festival 2019 and Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Comicpalooza is the largest annual, multi-genre, comic book, science fiction, anime, gaming, and pop-culture convention in the Southern United States and is held in Houston, Texas.

Deadline:  March 15, 2019

See Website for details.