“Heaven and Earth VII, Wild Germination,” Outdoor Art Exhibition at Carkeek Park

Seattle, WA:     July 23 – October 15, 2016

Since 2009, this exhibition has served as a kind of laboratory for experiments in environmental art displayed during the dry summer months in various sites at Carkeek Park in northwest Seattle, Washington.

For 2016, the year of the monkey, the curator and organizers identified germination as a theme, a botanical term associated with various forms of seed sprouting and growth, including work that demonstrates a sense of ongoing sustainability or “renewable-ness”, either in terms of its materials, its engagement with community, or conceptual parameters. The added term wild is meant to offer permutations that may be experimental in nature, opposed to domestic germination, or indulge in oblique references to seed load, germination rate, and other factors involved in the science of creating annually occurring wild flower meadows.

Deadline: May 15, 2016

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“Quilt National 17,” Dairy Barn Arts Center

Athens, OH:    May 27-September 4, 2017

The 20th in the series of international juried competitions dedicated to promoting the contemporary quilt by serving as a showcase for NEW work (completed after September 1, 2014) that provides the viewer with an appreciation of the variety of techniques and innovative trends in the medium of layered and stitched fabrics.

Deadline:  September 1, 2016

See Website for details.

“Call for Artwork: Contemporary Shibori and Ikat Exhibition,” 10th International Shibori Symposium

Centro de las Artes de San Agustín, Oaxaca, MX:    November 15-20, 2016

The exhibition will showcase a collection of exemplary contemporary artworks which demonstrate a creative exploration and interpretation of the compression resist techniques of shibori and ikat. Dye, color, and other forces which imprint the memory of the resist process can be explored. Work in fiber or fiber-like materials should both re-evaluate or re-create tradition and medium using thought into sustainability and involving the symposium’s theme: Land, Culture, and People.

Deadline:  May 14, 2016

See Website for details.

“Wearable Expressions 7th International Juried Exhibition,” Palos Verdes Art Center

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA:    January 20 – April 16, 2017

Featuring wearable art designed for the human body in all media, including jewelry and accessories.

* To promote the fine art aspect of wearable art media in an international forum
* To encourage the creation of innovative art to wear
* To share vision and exploration of techniques and materials

Deadline:  October 1, 2016

See Website for details.

“Art Quilts XXI: In Stitches –  Seriously Humorous Art Quilts,” Chandler Center for the Arts 

Chandler, AZ:    November 18, 2016 – January 7, 2017

“As an artist I have a passion for quilting. Creating is a serious use of my time and energy. Learning how to make each artwork the best I can is a constant process. On the other hand, humor helps me be healthy in mind and heart. That is why this is the theme for this year. Daily laughing and loving enables us to be happy.””
~ Marla Hattabaugh, Juror for Art Quilts XXI

  August 22, 2016

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