“The Art of Labor,” SDA International Members Exhibition

San Jose, CA:  July 22, 2018 – October 14, 2018

Using the word “Labor” as a point of departure, jurors Carole Frances Lung (Frau Fiber) and Amy DiPlacido will seek fiber, fiber-based, or textile-inspired work by artists exploring the many possible definitions of the term and its relationship to art. Since the Industrial Revolution, a key identifying characteristic of any community is the work of its people, their leisure activities, and subsequent roles in society. While some people’s work appears to be easy, others are engaged in more difficult tasks. Labor, in its multifaceted definition, can refer to everything from exertion and production, to organized workers and political parties, to the experience of giving birth. The act of labor may be both physical and mental, an effort which is difficult and sometimes compulsory. From “slow fiber” to DIY processes, fiber art is steeped in the traditions of material appreciation and labor, of the time involved in making art, and of the effort required in innovative manipulation or techniques. Associated with this process is the value and worth of skill, production, and time.

Deadline: April 6, 2018

See Website for details.

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